The people of Sandpoint were very grateful for the adventurer's help and local tavern owner Ameiko Kaijitsu offered them free room and board at her inn the Rusty Dragon. The next day Father Zantus discovered that the tomb of the old town priest (Ezakien Tobyn) had been opened during the night. The adventurers and Sheriff Hemlock investigated and found that his remains had been stolen and the thief left some undead skeletons in return. Obetu cleverly distracted the skeletons with an illusion whilst the others dispatched them.

As a reward for saving his life Aldern Foxglove bought the adventurers each a mount at the Goblin Squash stables, run by Daviren Hosk. Daviren is well known for his hatred of goblins and offered the adventurers 5gp for each goblin they kill. Aldern then took the player's on a boar hunt and came to Seoni's aid when she was seriously wounded.

Later, whilst Ameiko roasted the captured boar in the Rusty Dragon, her father arrived to present an ultimatum. When Ameiko rejected this offer Lonjiku tried to drag her out but she swiped him with her ladel and he was sent running.

After a few days a local ranger Shalelu Andosana unexpectedly arrived in Sandpoint. She immediately went to speak with Hemlock and the mayoress of Sandpoint Kendra Deverin. The adventurers were called into this meeting where she imparted grave news from the surrounding hinterlands. Shalelu has found evidence that all five local tribes of goblins were involved in the raid during the Swallowtail Festival, leading her to believe someone is organising the goblins. She also reported a big increase in goblin activity in the areas around Sandpoint and had to save a family of farmers on her way there.

After this meeting Sheriff Hemlock announced he would be heading to Magnimar to try and petition for reinforcements for the town guard in case of another raid, and Shalelu asked to meet with the adventurers for dinner before she returned to the wilds in order to find out more about the growing goblin menace. Over dinner Shalelu told the players of the five local goblin tribes and of their notable heroes.