Most items up to a value of 1300gp can be found in Sandpoint. In particular, healing gear can be bought from Father Zantus at a generous discount for those who are known to follow the path of good. Below is a list of specific items available in town


Description Cost
Magnetists gloves Thin leather gloves, one red and one blue, that have steel wires running through them. 6,000gp
Ring of Sustenance Featureless iron band 2,500gp
Undead bane longsword Cruciform sword with a crosspiece of gold wire and a blade etched with writing in an ancient script. 8,312gp
Mask of 1000 tomes This parchment coloured eyeless masks appears to have random snippets of text scrolling across it. 10,000gp
Shadow leather +1 Black suit of leather which emits darkness and dampens sound. 4,780gp
Heavy Repeating Crossbow +1 This has a darkwood and ivory stock bearing the name "Vansaya". 2,400gp
Minor Rod of Bouncing Spell This phallic pink rod appears to be made of some sort of soft yielding material. 3,000gp