The City of Tenaebre is one of the largest and most impressive cities in the realm of Tenaebre. The realm itself is named after the city because of its incredible social, political, religious and economic influences over the realm.

Politics Edit

The city is currently rules by Princess Mordia and protected by Followers of the Builder, commonly referred to as Hamerites. The Hammerites protect the various entrances and exits into the city and its respective quarters and are armed with large hammers and pistols.

The city has chosen to adopt the pursuit of science over magic and as a result only simple spells are permitted within the city.

Geography Edit

The river Amstel runs through the city and multiple canals split and circle the various strata of its grounds. (Think Amsterdam).

The city is divided into four quarters:

  • The Royal Quarter - Which contains the Palace District and The Great Library
  • The Old Quarter - A mainly trading district, popular with travellers and sailors and contains The Rusty Shackles Tavern
  • The Industrial Quarter - This is the location of the major factories and foundries which run all day and night. This quarter is largely responsible for the smog which sits atop the lower laying Slum quarter
  • The Slum Quarter - Affectionately referred to as "The Slums", this is where the majority of the poorer citizens of Tenaebre live.