Virgil Hakar is the third son of Lord Hakar, steward of the Great Planes

He is a Human, Male, Bard based in the realm of Tenaebre

He has received extensive training in sword fighting but often prefers to use his cunning wit and charm to escape a situation.

He left the comfort of the great planes after killing his brother by accident in an altercation. He was left with a scar across the back of his right hand and travels under the pseudonym of Virgil Commonman.

His father has put a bounty of 2000 gold out for his safe return.

His goal is to travel the world and free himself from his past life.

He has short, red hair, wears a wolf-pelt cloak and leather trousers and jacket.


An Artist's impression of Virgil Hakar

On his journey to the city of Tenaebre he has recently been seen to be travelling with a rat person by the name of Norak.

He currently wields The Sword of Elrond, an Elven Long-Sword which immolates upon the declaration of the Elven word "Elrond". He recovered this item from a Tomb belonging to The Watchers.